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    Wednesday 24 July, 2013

    Some of you will be starting to think about how you will be wearing your hair for and upcoming formal. We wanted to lend a hand and help get the creative juices flowing and inspired by these romantic, trendy and classic hairstyles for your big night! Whatever your style is, there is a do’ to match your formal look!

    Half Up, Half Down

    Half up/down hairstyles are the perfect compromise between the sophistication of a classic updo hairstyle and the seductiveness of a loose hairstyle. The contrast between the two hairstyles will create two different points of interest making you stand out. Wavy hairstyles can be equally useful in creating a romantic touch by offering a feminine allure and boosting natural hair volume simultaneously.

    Loose Wavy Hairstyles

    Choosing a loose wavy hairstyle can allow you to look fabulously stylish without looking like you are trying too hard. Loose wavy hairstyles have a certain elegant and refined sexiness attached.

    There are a variety of methods you can use to create the subtle hair waves throughout your tresses so choose the method that works for you best. Add a bit of shine serum once your hair is styled as you wish as this will help enhance your hairs beauty.

    Stylish Ponytail

    The formal style ponytails are styled around the centre of the head to create a very feminine balanced look. Give the pony a lovely light curled shape if you are after a stylish yet relaxed, elegant look. If you are looking for a sharp, edgy look sleek straight hair will de the trick.

    Updo Hairstyles

    Updos can make you appear stylish and appropriate for any formal occasions. Quiffs and twists look absolutely lovely implemented into an updo no matter the hair type. Straight hairstyles emphasize the hair's details, but curly hairstyles look beautiful as well. This type of updo has a certain vintage look which looks stupendous.

    Enjoy your special night ladies!

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