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BLOG: Get Beyonce’s new look with Jo Baz.

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    BLOG: Get Beyonce’s new look with Jo Baz

    Friday 22 February, 2013

    Here at Jo Baz we love Beyonce’s new sleek do. As a new mum, the look is easy for Beyonce to manage and really compliments her busy lifestyle, with little or no maintenance required. Normally it’s not easy (or affordable) to go from luscious brunette curls, to a sleek blonde do, but with Jo Baz’s new Everyday Straight Hair, you’ll be as bootylicious as Beyonce in no time at all.
    To normally achieve this look, countless hours and dollars are needed at the hairdresser, but with Jo Baz you’ll save time and money by doing it yourself at home. A quick application of Everyday Straight Hair will magically eliminate the hair horrors of frizz, curl, wave and unruly hair. You’ll go from curly to straight in a matter of minutes; with your new look lasting up to three months. Reduce daily styling time down to a minimum and shield against humidity with Jo Baz’s unique Japanese Thermal Straightening and Keratin Smoothing System.
    If you want to achieve Beyonce’s full look by going blonde as well, then make sure to use Jo Baz’s Hair Colour Remover before straightening to prevent colour build up and remove unwanted colour.

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