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BLOG: How to get Miranda Kerr’s au naturel hair.

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    BLOG: How to get Miranda Kerr's au naturel hair

    Thursday 20 December, 2012

    Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr is not letting motherhood get in the way of style. As she ran errands in LA, the JoBaz team noticed her understated elegance and approved. Her husband Orlando Bloom is one lucky man!

    If you want to look more beautiful au naturel like Miranda then let's pause for a moment and look at what she's done. The cut is classic and blunt which cuts down on the time she needs to blow dry it compares to if she had layers. The colour in her hair is just a few shades lighter than her natural colour - nothing too dramatic - so if she did miss some dye appointments the roots wouldn't show through too much. It's when you try a colour that is dramatically different to your own that it takes more time to maintain.

    Ask yourself this question - how high maintenance are you? If you want to reduce the time it takes you to get ready then maybe you need to tone it down. Use JoBaz to go back to basics and then aim for shades close to your original colour. This will also give you more time for beauty sleep - win, win all round! 

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