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BLOG: Shoshanna’s Hair is Cray.

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    BLOG: Shoshanna’s Hair is Cray

    Tuesday 25 February, 2014

    As big fans of the show ‘Girls’, we thought we would dedicate our latest blog to our favourite character, Shoshanna.

    Bubbly, fun-loving, Sex and the City obsessed Shoshanna has definitely shown us some crazy and exciting new hair trends over the last three seasons. Here are some of our favourite looks…

    Shoshanna takes the side bun to whole new level.

    Never one to wear her hair symmetrical, Shoshanna’s quirky personality goes hand in hand with this side braid.

    The side bun again, just a little more relaxed.

    Looking classy with her low messy bun and neat parting. The fascinator adds an elegant touch.

    An effortless look for Shoshanna, we’re so jealous of her shiny straight hair! Channel your inner- Shosh and share your looks on our Facebook page.

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