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HOW TO: The Faux Bob.

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    HOW TO: The Faux Bob

    Tuesday 02 July, 2013

    Feeling a little bored with your locks, but not ready to chop them off? We’ve got the perfect compromise- a chic and elegant faux bob that looks like you’ve taken the plunge and gone short.

    You’ll need approximately 45 minutes to recreate the look and recommend you have the following products and tools on hand:

    • Curling iron
    • Bobby pins
    • Hair spray
    • Hair elastic (Preferably clear and thin)

    Step 1: Section off your hair and start curling with a curling iron. If your hair is very fine or very long, you’re going to want to set it with pin curls to ensure maximum volume. This just means for each curl hold it in place with a pin. If you have curly hair or hair that holds a curl skip the pin curls and start at Step 3.

    Step 2: Once all your hair is set in pin curls, spritz on some light- hold hairspray. Then let the curls cool down completely.  This is your cue to enjoy a cuppa tea and a trashy magazine. smiley

    Step 3: Remover all the pins and run your finger through your hair to break apart the curls. You don’t want ringlets but you want to maintain some of the curl shape. Part your hair to one side- try and follow your natural part.

    Step 4: Gather your hair in a loose, low ponytail and secure it with a hair elastic. You want only a few inches of hair to hang out of the ponytail, as this is going to form the base of your faux bob.

    Step 5: Starting with ends of your hair, roll the ponytail onto itself, tucking under and into the nape/back of your neck as you go. Depending on how long your hair is, you may want to secure the hair as you go with bobby pins. Have a look in the mirror as you go along and adjust accordingly.

    Step 6: Adjust any out- of- place pieced of hair, a few loose curls look great and finish the look with a bit more hairspray to hold it all in place.

    Et voila! In short order you’ve created a cropped hairstyle, minus the scissors!

    photos: courtesy of fashion magazine

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