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Naomi Watts at the premiere of her movie The Impossible.

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    BLOG: Naomi Watts at the premiere of her movie The Impossible

    Monday 10 December, 2012

    On one of our favourite Aussie actresses Naomi Watts shows you don't have to let it all down to make an impression. The King Kong actress pinned back her hair at the UK premiere of the Impossible, showing off her incredible figure, and the end result was classy and sophisticated. The Jo Baz team also noted that the style is perfect for cold weather. If your hair is prone to frizz then you can guarantee it will stay put with an updo like this.

    Like most blondes, Naomi has experimented with a lot of different shades since she became famous. In King Kong, she was almost platinum blonde but now she is taking on the serious part of a tsunami survivor in her latest film, she is more of a warm, honey brown. This suits her, making her look more ladylike and grown-up. Sometimes, if you need to be taken seriously by people changing the colour of your hair makes all the difference.

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