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BLOG: Shine with coloured hair this weekend.

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    BLOG: A new way to colour your hair and return to normal by Monday

    Friday 08 March, 2013

    If you love the look of Katy Perry or Rihanna’s beautifully coloured locks, but worried that you’d get the sack if you walked into the office with bright blue hair, than you’re in luck! New to Australia is a product that allows you to colour your hair and return to normal by your Monday morning meeting.

    Jo Baz’s new Hair Colour Remover lets you channel your inner hairgoddess and experiment with different colours without causing major damage. This quick at home treatment can save you hundreds of dollars in colour correction salon services and is the safest and most effective way to remove an undesirable hair colour.

    So next time you really feel like standing out, why not colour it, knowing you can go back to your normal locks in a matter of minutes. And with the winter upon us, there’s no excuse why you can’t shine for the season with Hair Colour Remover there to take things back to normal.


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