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REVIEW: Blogger Kell from Mad Mummas Sweet Randoms reviews Everyday Straight Hair.


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    REVIEW: Blogger Kell from Mad Mummas Sweet Randoms reviews Everyday Straight Hair

    Thursday 29 November, 2012

    Do you have those days where no matter what you do to make your hair look sleek, straight or just plain not wild nothing works? Me too! There is nothing worse than having the perfect outfit, glowing skin, gorgeous accessories and uncontrollable hair ruin it. Thanks to Jo Baz and their latest product Everyday Straight I no longer have to worry about that.

    I recently tried and tested Everyday Straight and so far it has worked a treat. It claims to give you straight hair for up to 3 months! I’m at day 4 and so far so good. There are 2 options – the intense (and very time consuming) and the quick way. Obviously the quick way isn’t going to give you the same results as the intensive treatment but I’d imagine it will help to maintain those unruly locks. I gave the intensive a go – I must say it is very time consuming and took longer than I expected however that could be due to the fact my hair appears to be lot longer than I realised. The result I have had from the intensive has definitely made it worth it.

    I can now wake up in the morning with straight hair (even after wetting and washing) the night before. For a smooth and sleek look all I need to do is a quickly straighten the top layer of hair with my GHD and it’s picture perfect! I was originally concerned about the chemicals damaging my hair but I’ve been surprised by how healthy it feels. The treatment contains Keratin (the hairs natural protein), chamomile and nettle which replenishes any damage caused through everyday wear and tear.

    As you can see I am pretty happy with the results I have had from this product. If you straighten your hair more than once a week or would just like more control over your hair than I think it is worth giving this a go. To read more about Kell and her Jo Baz experience, visit her blog Mad Mummas Sweet Randoms

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