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Review: A Dose of Dannie Reviews Everyday Straight.


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    Review: A Dose of Dannie Reviews Everyday Straight

    Tuesday 02 July, 2013

    When I was younger I always had straight hair then when I got into my late teens and further on I started to have pretty frizzy hair. Now if you really know me I hate my frizzled hair and use to always hair spray or gel it up and put into a pony tail.

    Now days I am stealing my daughter new Muk straightener to use and she gets rather annoyed.

    I did go to a salon and ask how much it would cost to get my hair chemically straightened. I nearly could not close my mouth fast enough it hit the floor quit a few hundred dollars. I would rather spend money on something I really want or the family need etc....

    So when i was asked to do a review for Jo Baz Everyday Straight hair of course i said YES! with excitement .

    So i asked Chloe to give me a hand with it. ~ (A few months ago i put colour in my hair and got it all over my face lol)

    After Chloe separated my hair into parts she read all instruction to the leaflet.

    I asked my daughter to take pictures of me even if I was in a silly mood so of course she did with out hesitation too.

          OH HAI!!! HEHEHE grin                                 Yep The Frizzo boring!!!!                           Hey do i have critters in here??

    Because my hair is coloured i left it on for 20 mins and stil got the effect i was after.

    So here is the verdict ready ...........

          No make up with Frizzy crap hair!!!                                                 PERFECT!!!!!!!


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