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Review: Becky and James Reviews Everyday Straight.


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    Review: Becky and James Reviews Everyday Straight

    Monday 26 August, 2013

    I’ve always loved when my hair is all straight and silky. Unfortunately, I do not have the time or patience to get out a straightener daily and do it. My hair is just too stubborn. So, the only time it looks smooth and silky is for the day or so after I’ve been to the hairdressers. Which, actually, practically never happens. So, I’ve given the Jo Baz Everyday Straight Hair Extra Straight a try to see if I can have what I want without spending hundreds of dollars at the hairdressers or having to straighten my hair daily.

    This is what I have to deal with. Granted this was a rainy day, but still.

    Jo Baz Everyday Straight Hair is an at home permanent hair straightening kit and can last up to 3 months. I had hoped to get my hubby or mum to help me out but it didn’t happen, so one Thursday after helping out at school I bit the bullet and did it myself.

    The Everyday Straight Hair kit contains three product bottles, detailed instructions and plastic gloves – everything you need to tame your unruly locks.

    Before you start, be aware that this is quite a long process. There are a few steps and each is time consuming. Especially when you’re doing it yourself.
    Each product is clearly labeled A, B and C, making it easy to figure out which product is needed for each step.

    The first step is applying the straightening cream (A) to your washed, towel dried and sectioned hair. You need to gently comb the cream through while gently pulling your hair straight. I found this product smelt quite strongly and had to open more windows to help with ventilation. You then have to cover your hair with cling wrap for the appropriate time (which depends on your hair).

    I found applying the cling wrap while (gently) keeping my hair straight to be quite difficult and frustrating.

    After rinsing and gently combing, the Keratin Protein (B) is applied and left in for 10 minutes. Making sure you keep your locks straight throughout the process. This step conditions and replenishes your hair and after rinsing it out, my hair felt pretty amazing.

    After rinsing you blow dry and straighten your hair. This is definitely where I could have used an extra pair of hands. I am ok at doing the front and sides of my hair with the straightened, but I’ve always been not-so-great at getting the back part done. So, I am sure my hair wasn’t as dead straight as it could have been before proceeding (as you can see above, left).

    Apply the fixing cream (c) to leave your hair permanently straight. Without this product, your hair is still mold-able and will not hold the straightness you’ve just worked so hard to achieve. You leave this in for 10 minutes before rinsing out and using your remaining Keratin Protein to condition your hair.

    For the best results you need to blow dry and straighten again.

    My husband managed to walk in right at the end, so he helped me with the final straightening before I raced out to get my daughter from school. It took me over 3 hours to apply and I found it immensely difficult to do it myself, especially with the loose fitting gloves.

    I am certain I would have had much better results had I been able to have someone help out at certain points along the way. Even so, my hair is still much more manageable, there are significantly less fly aways and if I do want to straighten it (like when I went to Pink) it’s not a whole big thing.

    Using Jo Baz Everyday Straight Hair is certainly a more cost effective way to get straighter hair if you’re willing to enlist a friend and set aside an afternoon (which you would have to do to get it professionally done, anyway).


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