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Review: Belinda Petersen Reviews Hair Colour Remover.


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    Review: Belinda Petersen Reviews Hair Colour Remover

    Friday 16 August, 2013


    First of all I'd like to say this was super effective!

    I used one packet of Max strength on dark auburn dyed hair and it got back to my natural dark blonde colour.

    I bought JoBaz MAX hair colour remover, after trying to dye my hair red and having it turn out a very dark auburn, after many previous dyes had been used on it.

    At this point I decided that I needed to do something, so bought the MAX colour remover, with low expectations due to continued permanent dye jobs on my hair over many years. I was amazed!

    After following the instructions with just one use, my hair returned to its natural colour.

    I was also very concerned about potential damage to my hair, from using yet another product on it.

    My hair was already quite brittle from previous misadventures, but I decided I'd try this product anyway, as I had dark blonde regrowth coming in under the dark black/red, and it was not a good look.

    Not only did it work perfectly, but my hair was not damaged at all. I'll be looking for this product the next time I decide to dye my hair a crazy colour and then change my mind.

    JoBaz MAX hair colour remover went above and beyond all of my expectations.


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