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REVIEW: Everyday Straight Hair.


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    REVIEW: Yvette from Little Bento Blog reviews Everyday Straight

    Monday 10 December, 2012

    Yvette from Little Bento Blog recently trialled Jo Baz Everyday Straight Hair and had a great experience. Read more to hear what she has to say and how she found the product.

    I have big, boofy, thick hair. Everytime I go to the hair dressers I get about an inch or so cut off, then she thins it out. When I look down.. It looks like I have lost a whole head of hair on the floor. Instead its only been 6 weeks since my last appointment. I always get my hair washed, blowdried and straightened at the hair dressers before an important event (from dinner dates to weddings). My husband hates it because it costs him $80 each time I go.

    When I do it myself it turns out like this:


    Until I was sent Jo Baz Everyday Straight. I have to admit it – I was skeptical..

    It took me a while to get the courage to do it! For one, you need to keep your hair down for 3 days (and no washing) and since I wear my hair up … 24/7… that was hard to do and find the right time to do it!

    What got me was the “buzz word” Keratin in the product, that kept popping into my head saying “do it!”.. Seriously who wouldn’t be convinced by this!

    A Saturday night about a month ago.. the kids were getting ready for bed. Husband was watching the tv, I jumped in the shower and thought… man I really don’t want to spend another hour blow drying and straightening my hair! To know it will take me forever to get the kinks out.. only to wake up in the morning and put my hair up because I hate it boofy when it is down.

    So instead I spent about 2 hours. Washing, Blowdrying, Straightening, Washing, Wrapping, Washing, Blowdrying Straightening. Washing, Blow Drying Straightening.

    And it only took me 5 minutes to blow dry and 10 minutes to straighten the last time!

    I really was amazed at how well it straightened!

    One week later:

    And one month later:

    Still straight, not boofy and no kinks… AND it only takes me 15 minutes to blowdry and straighten!

    Definitely going to be using this again!


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