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    Wednesday 27 November, 2013

    So, here's the story. My natural hair colour is medium brown. 2 years ago, I dyed my hair bright red, and again, and again, to get the colour I desired and to cover my regrowth. After about a year, I was absolutely sick of it. I tried colouring over it with brown hair dye for the next year, to no avail. Now here I am, stuck with hair that is brown in the shade but bright red in the sun. Eugh.

    I thought about getting it stripped and re-dyed professionally, but being a student with a part time job means I can't exactly afford it, and most places I went to said it would take 2 or 3 tries to get the colour out. Eventually, I checked out ways to do it myself. I came across this product and was skeptical at first, but I read some reviews and figured I should try it for such a good price.

    I bought the Regular Strength Colour Remover as this was all I could find, though I thought I would need the Max strength. I came home and got my sister to apply it for me, following the simple instructions. I left it in my hair for 50 minutes as there was obviously quite a lot of build up in my hair. I found all of the steps were easy to follow. I must add that after using the buffer for the last time, I applied some conditioner as my hair gets crazy knotty.

    After using the buffer for the last time, I blow dried my hair. When I looked in the mirror I almost couldn't believe my eyes. My hair was a normal shade of brown, with seemingly no red patches. I left it to the morning to check in the sunlight that there was no red, and sure enough, it was all gone!! Just like that!!! My hair is also spectacularly shiny and has so much volume - Usually it is dead straight. It has also stayed incredibly clean!!

    I am so impressed with this product and would definitely recommend it to all of my friends. It was so simple to use and so cheap, with salon quality results. I love that this product didn't wreck the quality of my hair, and made it crazy clean. I am sooo pleased! Thanks Jo Baz for fixing my hair!!!


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