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REVIEW: Katelin Reviews Hair Colour Remover.


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    REVIEW: Katelin Reviews Hair Colour Remover

    Tuesday 16 April, 2013

    My natural hair colour is somewhere between a honey blonde and a mousy brown that has been bleached, then dyed dark and bleached again only to have me go to a colour so close to black, it was easier to describe it that way. So after 8-9 months of the same colour I finally decided that this winter I was going to go a light to medium brown.

    I knew that of course the salons were going to charge me a small fortune for them to strip my hair and to (pretty much) burn it out; so I really needed a way to get out the colour at a good price and without sacrificing the health of my hair. So what did I do? Well first I tried the ‘Cinnamon Honey Mix’. Yep, you read right, Cinnamon Honey Mix. Honey has a small amount of peroxide in it which is activated by the cinnamon. I left this on my hair (with conditioner) for four hours and nothing happened…

    Was I surprised? No, not really, curiosity got the better of me. So if anyone here has virgin brown hair that has never been touched with dye – It might actually have an effect on you. And hey if not, you smell like hot cross buns in the end.

    So here I was, weeks later, still with darn near black hair feeling like my only way out was to go down to the chemist and buy my own peroxide; there was no way I was going to be able to afford the hundreds of dollars it would take to get my hair lighter. Not only was there colour build-up, but my hair is about 22 inches long, so I know that they would have jacked the price up for that as well.
    Feeling a little deflated I went to the chemist to find a bottle of peroxide. Before I even made it to that section of the shop I went into the hair dye isle to have a look at what colour I’d like to be next and that’s when I found it. The Jo-Baz Hair Colour Remover.

    The box stuck out like a sore thumb being the only one to have bright yellow paired up with black. With a smile on my face I picked the box up and read the backside of it.
    Cautious as I am, I rushed back home to get on the internet to read reviews and to look into it a little more. It almost seemed too good to be true, I mean – Bleach AND Ammonia free? It must be a hoax. After a little research, talking to the Jo-Baz Facebook page and a lot of jaws hitting the floor I had definitely made up my mind.

    I purchased the MAX STRENGTH colour remover, which is the red and black box, because it was recommended for dark dyed hair and colour build up which perfectly described my hair. There is a Normal strength for light to medium tones too, but clearly that wasn’t my case. That’s the one in the yellow and black box that I first saw at the chemist.

    After reading and re-reading the instructions about five times I was ready. The steps are actually really simple; I just wanted to make sure I didn’t skimp over anything.

    The treatment is in 3 parts. Part A and B are mixed together in the applicator bottle (B) to apply to coloured hair. If you prefer to use one of those mixing bowls and a comb that’s perfectly fine, just make sure the two are combined really well. You need to get this mixture into your hair as soon as possible as the solution will work better.  On the instructions of the hair colour remover it tells you to leave it in your hair for 20 minutes, however as mine was a darker shade I left it on for 60 minutes after some advice and was told this would not damage my hair. I separated my hair into sections and combed the mixture through as I went to get an even coverage at first then when I was done I combed it all together. I put on a disposable shower cap and a towel to lock in the heat and commenced my hour wait.

    After leaving the hair colour remover in my hair for 60 minutes, all I had to do was simply wash it out. The best thing to do is to stand in the shower to do this as you have got to do this for a minimum of ten minutes. The instructions stress that you cannot cheat this section of the treatment so please, do as I did and make a timer on your phone or stopwatch and set it on the counter in the bathroom. I used my phone to countdown for me. I know that 10 minutes might seem a little extreme, but its so much cheaper than a salon, so just follow the instructions to a T and you’ll be fine.

    This is where bottle C from the colour remover pack comes in. This is called the buffer. You simply put half of the bottle in your hair and leave it in for one to two minutes. The buffer is the one of the most important steps in this as it will lift off the artificial colour off. It will also put your hair back in its natural condition, meaning that any former product build up will be removed. After you have left this in for one to two minutes, you’ll need to set that timer again as this needs to be rinsed out for another 5-10 minutes. 5 for short hair and 10 for long. After you have done this, use the other half of the buffer bottle and use this as you would a shampoo, however rinse this out for two minutes.

    And that is it! Grab your towel, dry off and take a gander in the mirror. My eyes almost popped out of my head I was so surprised; the crown of my head was copper! But don’t trust it when its wet, we all know how much darker our hair looks when wet. Rather than go and blow-dry my hair as I usually would I decided to untangle with a wide toothed comb, towel dry it and then let the air at it.

    As you can see the Jo-Baz Hair Colour Remover has done wonders to my hair. I had reservations about how well it would work on my hair, simply because I’d been dying it dark for so long; needless to say I was and still am gobsmacked.

    Sure the ends are still darker than what I want, but come on, it’s pretty darn good. Not to mention how healthy my ends still are, unlike getting bleached where they would have probably burned off. I plan on using another packet of the Max Strength over it all again to see how much more it’ll be able to get out.

    The proof is in the pictures. And these pictures, I like.

    So – Does it dry out your hair?
    Of course, you just stripped off one hell of a lot of colour and product build up; naturally it is going to take off the healthy oils too. BUT it does not feel anywhere near as bad as bleaching/burning.

    Does it stink?
    When I was reading about this product I heard that it would smell like rotten eggs OR lemon… Well I didn’t smell either of those! When first putting it on I actually thought I could smell lavender. But the further into developing time the more it began to smell of strong chemicals, especially about 5 minutes away from wash out time. Who knows though, it could end up smelling like roses to you!

    Does it sting your scalp?
    Only over places where I hadn’t realised I had scratched, but that goes away in no time. It didn’t harm my skin around the edges of my face or the back of my neck at all.

    Will one bottle be enough?
    You can see in the pictures that my hair is about 22 inches long, but really not that thick. I used one bottle and it was more than enough. My hair was practically dripping with developer by the time the bottle was empty which was a wonderful surprise. Don’t be fooled, the bottles are deceiving!


    All in all I STRONGLY recommend this product and would use it again in a heartbeat over going to an overpriced salon and getting my head burned by bleach.

    And thank you for reading, I’ll catch you next time!

    Katelin xx

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