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Review: Kylie Keene Reviews Hair Colour Remover.


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    Review: Kylie Keene Reviews Hair Colour Remover

    Tuesday 02 July, 2013

    Review: Kylie Keene Reviews Hair Colour Remover

    1st process

    I first coloured my fine medium brown hair when I was 15, and I dyed it black. Over the following 20+ years I couldn’t even guess at the number of times I’ve coloured – but it’s almost always been black, or dark brown.  A few times over the years I've bleached my hair in a desperate bid to end up a nice, rich brown shade.. but have always ended up killing my hair, swearing I'll never bleach again - and inevitably I end up super dark again.

    I was pretty excited - and slightly apprehensive - when I spotted JoBaz Hair Colour Remover max in a Woolworths store.  I checked out a few reviews online, and read the very informative information sheet inside the box and decided it was definitely worth a try.

    A few of the reviews mentioned a really strong rotten egg smell that for some people lasted for days.  I was a bit concerned about that but figured I'd just do a vinegar rinse, or coconut oil treatment.  However when I first applied the treatment to my hair, all I could smell was a very, very mild rotten egg odour.  I personally find permanent hair dyes, or perm solutions have a much more offensive smell. 

    The directions seemed a little confusing at first glance, but they’re actually no more difficult to follow then a standard home colour.  I followed the times advised in the instructions and kept a clock handing to make this easier.
    While doing the rinse in the shower, my hair did feel horrible. Dry, straw like. But I put that down to stripping all the rubbish and build up away - just like when you use some cleansers your skin feels super tight and clean.  Although it felt as though I should condition my hair - I did exactly as the instructions said and just left it.

    I let my hair towel dry without brushing it and I AM THRILLED!

    As it's drying I can see the colour is lighter and as it dried it was beginning to feel nice again.  The end result isn’t as light as I’d hoped for, but it’s definitely an improvement and I don’t feel the need to put a colour over it before heading out in public again.  

    Because I had so many products build up, the ends and body were left a bit darker then the top/part, so I will be repeating the process to see if it gets more even/lighter.

    2nd process

    The product states it can be used 3 times in succession, but I let my hair rest a week before repeating the process.  I noticed a slight tingling this time, but it wasn’t severe so I persisted and had no further problems.

    My hair ended up much lighter, more reddish/brown then black!  It doesn’t feel dry, or brittle like hair does after bleaching.  I’m yet to apply a colour over it, but will use semi permanents or rinses when I do.

    I’d suggest JoBaz Hair Colour Remover max to ANYONE wanting to remove product build up and previous colours.  It won’t bleach your hair, but will take it back to your natural colour, or the lightest colour you’ve been.  I’m happy to let my teenager use this product and will definitely use it again if needed.

    Thanks JoBaz for a top product!!!!

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