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    REVIEW: Blogger Lara from This Charming Mum reviews Everyday Straight Hair

    Tuesday 27 November, 2012

    Jo Baz reached out to mummy bloggger Lara from This Charming Mum as her unmanageable curly hair needed a bit of help from Jo Baz Everyday Straight. See what she has to say about Jo Baz below...

    The Product:

    I was rather excited when the opportunity came my way to test drive the new Everyday Straight Hair Straightening Kit from Jo Baz.  I like to straighten my hair – by blowdrying or ironing – whenever I get time because it’s so much easier to manage (that ‘time’ bit is the only problem).  I’ve also seen friends get amazing results from the Japanese thermal straightening methods popping up in selected salons, but they cost a small fortune.  It’s pretty fabulous to think that you can tame the curls at home for the same cost and effort as a home colouring kit.  Jo Baz products can be found at your local chemist and they come with everything you need to do the job yourself (except cling wrap, and you’ll be needing a fair whack of that, so make sure you’re well stocked).

    The Process:

    The Everyday Straight Hair Straightening Kit includes plastic gloves, 3 bottles of gloop, and full application instructions.  The first rule of DIY hair products is always to do a small patch test somewhere inconspicuous in case you have an inadvertent reaction to the chemicals.  I advise you to do this.  I didn’t, of course. Does anyone ever? But how sorry would you be if your fab new hairdo was overshadowed by a gnarly facial rash?!   If the test patch is A-OK, you can proceed with the step-by-step application. It goes a little something like this…

    Straightening Cream:

    • Wash, towel dry and section your hair.
    • Get the plastic fantastic gloves on and apply Tube A gloop (Straightening Cream).
    • Comb and pull (gently) your hair into a straight pattern and cover your noggin with long strips of cling film.
    • Once you look like Little Red Riding Hood in a disposable  rain poncho, sit very, very still for the requisite time period (all times and detailed instructions are in the pack).

    Keratin Protein:

    • Rinse, pat dry and apply Tube B gloop (Keratin Protein) which will strengthen and condition the hair.
    • Wrap your hair in a towel and find something to do for 10 minutes (Facebook and chocolate usually does the job).


    • This is a tricky one.  Step 3 – ironing your hair – is optional.  The instructions point out that to really, effectively iron your hair – and achieve serious thermal straightening salon results – it may take several hours of carefully working section by section.  If you have a friend available and can do this part of the process, I would imagine the results would be awesome.  As I only had an 18 month old with banana on his hands as my assistant, I skipped it.

    Fixing Cream:

    • At this stage your hair looks pretty straight, but it’s still (according to the pack) ‘mouldable’. So, the fixing cream steps in now to help with the permanency.
    • At this point, you just need to section your hair up again and carefully apply the cream from root to tip.  You then get another 10 minutes of feet-up time to let it soak in.
    • You finish off the process by using a little extra Keratin cream like a conditioner, rinsing a few more times and giving your hair a good old blow dry and iron in whatever way you would normally like to straighten it.  You then have to promise not to wash it, pony tail it or swim with it for three days (or they’ll send the boys ’round).

    The Result:

    I was really happy with the look and feel of my hair after using this kit.  I must admit, it is not ‘salon straight’, but it is a lot straighter than it was (and it’s as soft as a baby’s bot into the bargain).

    To read more about Lara's Jo Baz exerpience, visit her blog This Charming Mum


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