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Review: This is Meagan Kerr Reviews Hair Colour Remover.


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    Review: This is Meagan Kerr Reviews Hair Colour Remover

    Friday 02 August, 2013

    I’ve been dyeing my hair for about 17 years now, and have had almost every colour under the sun – blonde, pink, purple, brown, red, green, black, you name it! For all of the awesome colours I’ve had, I’ve also had my share of hair disasters. If only I’d known about JoBaz Hair Colour Remover!

    “New from the UK, JoBaz Hair Colour Remover is a simple and effective home treatment especially formulated to reverse an undesirable hair colour application or simply if you want to change your look.

    Colour is restored gently, taking hair back to its natural shade without the use of ammonia, peroxide and bleach.

    By shrinking the artificial dye molecules in the hair, the colour is simply washed away, leaving hair looking vibrant and healthy.   Incorporated into the formula is an intense nourishing treatment, allowing the hair to be re-coloured straight away.

    The hair colour remover treatment range comprises:

    • JoBaz HAIR COLOUR REMOVER - Normal Strength. Removes light to mid tones
    • JoBaz HAIR COLOUR REMOVER - Max Strength. Removes darker shades and colour build-up.”

    I tried out the “Max Strength” version, because I’ve been dyeing my hair quite dark recently and wanted to bring it down to the previous lighter tones so I could go for a different look (more about that later).

    I won’t go through all the instructions, because they come with the product and are pretty easy to follow. The whole process takes just under 90 minutes once you’ve finished applying the  colour remover, so make sure you set aside some time!

    “JoBaz Hair Colour Remover takes hair back to its lightest shade. For example, if the artificial hair colour applied is darker than the natural hair colour, it will return hair to its natural shade. However, if the artificial hair colour applied is lighter than the natural colour, for example with the use of hydrogen peroxide (i.e. bleach), the natural pigment within the hair will have been chemically lightened by the colouring process. This means that although JoBaz Hair Colour Remover will remove the artificial dye, the natural hair colour will be somewhat lighter (than the hair’s pre-dye shade).”

    My verdict…
    I found JoBaz Hair Colour Remover really easy to use and was impressed by the result! My hair is now a lovely red brown with blonde highlights. You may have noticed that it didn’t take my hair colour back to it’s natural state (a reasonably nondescript brown) – this is because I’d previously lightened my hair, and as described above, the product can not remove the bleach. I think that if I had used a second application of the product then the results would have been even more noticeable on the non-bleached areas.

    Here’s an action shot so that you can see my colour better – it’s so much lighter!

    I think that JoBaz Hair Colour Remover is best suited for anyone wanting to fix up a hair horror, or anyone wanting to remove a previous colour before trying something new.

    I know that some of my readers were interested in the condition of my hair after using this treatment, and I’m happy to report that my hair feels amazing! In fact, my hair feels nicer post-treatment than it did beforehand!

    Want some? For NZ RRP $39.95, you can pick up JoBaz Hair Colour Remover in normal or max strength from selected Countdown and New World stores.  For more information or to find your nearest stockists, please call 0800 146 279.

    Now that I’ve removed the build up of colour, it’s time to try something new.  What shade do you think my hair should be next? I’m leaning towards copper…

    x Meagan

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