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Review: Tina Gray Reviews Everyday Straight.


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    Review: Tina Gray Reviews Everyday Straight

    Wednesday 12 June, 2013

    Jobaz Everyday Straight Hair – a review

    I have a kink in the back of my head where my hair has never sat straight, no matter how much I try to straighten it with a hair straightener. And my hair is naturally a little wavy. But I prefer to wear it straight. Most days.

    I had been considering getting it chemically straightened for a while now. A friend had hers done a few months ago and the results were awesome. But the price put me off. Because I am a cheap skate, remember.

    Jobaz Everyday Straight Hair is a DIY permanent hair straightening kit. The key ingredient is keratin, the hair’s natural protein, to help maintain it’s style, and chamomile and nettle will help replenish any lost moisture, and the collagen will fill in any voids resulting from general wear and tear.

    The Everyday Straight Hair kit includes three bottles of product, a pair of plastic gloves and detailed instructions.

    The procedure involves quite a few steps and it ended up taking around three hours and a couple of hair shampoos/rinses. My hubby generously offered to play hair dresser for me.

    1 and 2. You have to wash and towel-dry your hair and then section it into four. Apply the straightening gel, combing and gently pulling your hair straight. Work on one section at a time until your entire head is covered in the straightening gel and then cover your hair with cling film to keep the heat in and let the gel do its thing. How long you have to keep it in depends on your hair. Check the instructions.

    3. Rinse your hair and towel-dry again. Apply the Keratin Protein, which helps condition your hair, and comb it through, keeping your hair straight. This gets left in for 10 minutes.

    4. Rinse, blow dry and straighten your hair with a hair iron. Separate your hair into sections again.

    5. While dry, apply the fixing cream, which helps with the permanency. You need to apply the cream from root to tip and leave it for 10 minutes to soak in. After those 10 minutes, jump in the shower, rinse your hair and use the left over Keratin cream as a conditioner. Give it a good blow dry and straighten it with your hair iron.

    Important bits to remember is that you CAN NOT wash it, wet it, pull it back in a pony tail for three whole days.

    The result was obvious. By the end of most days that I have straightened my hair, it ends up looking frizzy and not so straight. My hair looks so much straighter after just blow drying it, and it doesn’t take as long when I run the hair straightener through it in  the mornings.

    The big test will be during the next three months to see how long it lasts.

    I have to admit though – it was SUCH a long process that I don’t know if I would do it at home again. It would probably be a little more relaxing getting it done at a hair salon. But at $29.95 RRP it’s a good alternative when the funds are too low for a salon visit.

    Do you straighten your hair? Have you tried chemically straightening it before?

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