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    Thursday 30 October, 2014

    Now for something a little different. I'm going to be writing this post up in real time, I want to post it tonight and show you the results right after the process has been completed. Are you excited? You're potentially about to see someone totally stuff up their hair. Now you're excited aren't you? Yup, me too!

    So If you haven't heard of this product it is supposed to remove artificial colour from your hair. The normal strength is good for light colours and the max strength is good for dark colours and heavy build-up. Since I haven't been my natural colour for about 8 years I went for the max strength.

    In the box you will find an instruction leaflet, 3 bottles (A the activator, B the remover and C the buffer) and a mangled pair of gloves. Yes my gloves looked like that when I tipped the contents out of my box.

    A goes in to B, shake, twist top of B, apply.
    C is your final 2 steps.

    The instructions say:

    • Mix A and B together.
    • Apply A and B mixture to hair.
    • Process for 30 minutes. (I'm thinking I'll leave it on for a little longer as other bloggers have done this and not had a problem)
    • Rinse for 10 minutes under warn water.
    • Apply some of C, lather well and leave for 1 minute.
    • Rinse for further 5 minutes (at least).
    • Apply C again, lather and rinse as you would a normal shampoo.
    • Towel dry and wait until hair is completely dry before making a judgement on the results.

    What I expect to find under all this colour (if the product works) is a dirty blonde with highlights somewhere near the ends of my hair that I had done years ago. Since this product is supposed to take your hair back to the lightest shade it has been, it will show old bleached sections if you have had these in the past.

    Current colour.

    Years and years of the darkest browns I can find.
    My regrowth, hopefully what my hair colour will look like after using this product!

    4:25pm I've just prepped my application area by laying a towel on the ground in front of my full length mirror. I'm a little frightened. I've popped on my mangy gloves and typing is a bit difficult, my fingers feel fat and clumsy. I've sectioned off my hair and ready to mix and apply.

    So first up we tip the contents of bottle A in to bottle B, the consistency of A is that of a fluid gel so it took a while to get it all in there, once that's done I popped the lid back on B and gave it a shake for 30 seconds. The cap of B doesn't need to be cut before application, it just twists off to reveal the applicator nozzle. Nice.


    4:48pm Ok the stuff is in. In the words of my favourite vlogger, Bunny, "Does this thing really work??" I guess we will see. I started applying at the ends of my hair and worked my way up to the roots, then I got mum to check that it all looked wet at the back. The back is what had me freaking out, even when I pull the hair to the front I can't fully see what's going on back there and that stresses me out for obvious reasons. I wrapped my hair in glad wrap because the instructions mention warmth helping the process, it's not exceptionally cold here today but I think wrapping it will help a little.

    The nice thing about this product is that it glides through your hair and doesn't make it all matted and tangled when applying, I reckon you could put a comb through it if you really wanted to. There was also plenty of product, I was worried there wouldn't be enough since my hair is so long but turns out it wasn't a problem

    The smell isn't great but it's not that bad either, people complained of a rotten egg smell and I understand what they are talking about but if you're using a product like this then you have put up with the stench of hair dye so you can put up with the stench of mild rotten eggs. I've read claims that the smell can linger in the hair so I'll comment on that after it's all over.


    5:48pm Right, I'm gonna go wash this stuff out. Wish me luck! Oh and I thought I'd let you guys know (because I'll forget later) the part C Buffer smells kind of like a mild Pine O Clean. I think I like it. Yes I'm a weirdo.

    6:16pm Oh my GOD YOU GUYS!!! This is so exciting!!! Ok so I took off my glad wrap turban, set my alarm and jumped under the shower, of course I start checking my ends straight away to see if there is a difference and there is!! At this point I'm super impressed, it's looking a little coppery under the water but I'm not too worried because I know it'll lighten up when it dries and my hair feels soooooo nice!
    My alarm goes off after 10 minutes and I put in some of part C, almost instantly my hair starts to feel like shit, super dry and matted. I was expecting this at some point so I push away the disappointment and set my alarm for 1 minute. After the minute has passed, which by the way feels like a second after you have been standing under the shower for 10 minutes rubbing at your hair, I reset my alarm for 7 minutes (since my hair is long) and start the rinsing process again. This feels like forever, with my hair feeling so shitty and the water starting to run cold I'm getting bored and want this to be over. My hair still smells like eggs too. I check my ends and they look darker!?! I'm full on resenting part C. Seven minutes crawls by and I age 10 years in the mean time, my alarm goes off and I put the last lot of C in my hair, lather, rinse and get the hell out of that damn cold shower.
    I'm now sitting with a towel wrapped around my head, I'm not looking forward to trying to comb out these knots, the instructions didn't mention conditioner so I didn't use any but it does say that your hair can be styled after the treatment so I think I'll let the towel do it's job for a while, put a little hair oil in and take a photo while it's still wet.
    7:00pm My hair feels good after using the oil and it brushed out so easily. Let's take a little look at the colour..
    Too wet to really tell in the lengths.

    Can see a difference. Can also see the lines where my new regrowth is and the last 3 dyes I did!

    My ends, darker than my natural colour but I'm impressed. They also aren't as fried as I thought they would be.
    So far I think it's still too dark and I'm planning on giving this another go on Wednesday (currently Monday). It's looking very coppery and I'm not cool with leaving it like that, it says you can apply up to three times so a short break before another application will be just fine.
    I am going to let it dry completely before making my final judgement so next up will be more pictures and my conclusion. Oh and it still smells like egg.
    9:31pm The hair is dry and I have taken final photos.
    Some blonde strands coming through but still quite dark. Not shown: Serious orange undertones.

    Ends are still quite dark and you can clearly see the red in there. I think it's going to be tough to get rid of.

    Blonde roots! I feel like the colour isn't showing up right in the photos, my roots are that blonde but the lengths are a little lighter in real life and the orange is pretty horrendous.
    So in conclusion I think it's a good product, I am going to do it again and I may even buy two packets because I think I'm going to need it.
    I was hoping to have my dirty blonde back but really, I didn't expect it, I did have a realistic idea of what my hair would look like after the treatment and it's pretty much the way I thought it would be. I'm not surprised that my lengths and ends are only slightly lighter considering the amount of times I've coloured it and also the fact that I use heat tools which can cause colour to bond to the shaft.
    Although I didn't expect it to smell like eggs for so long.
    I'm going to update this post with photos of my next try smile

    The following day

    Unfortunately I didn't have time to get two loads of the colour remover in today but I intend to do my other box tomorrow, a little more of the colour is gone but my god my hair is so brassy!

    So badly wish I had known about and had access to this product for the years that I've been colouring my hair, would have removed the build up in between colours!

    Third attempt..

    Today I used my third box of JoBaz Hair Colour Remover, here is what I'm left with.

    My ends lost a lot more colour with this box, with each attempt a little more of the dark brown tones are removed revealing more copper and red, which ultimately isn't what I wanted but I was fully aware that this was most likely going to be the result.

    I'm left with something manageable, in person I feel like my hair looks a lot more orange and red than what shows up in the photos and as I'm sure a lot of you are aware, red is the hardest colour to remove but I do have a few ideas up my sleeve on how to combat that. I'm not sure that they will work but I will document the process, if they do turn out to be successful they will make for a handy post for anyone considering using this product.

    And if they fail and I'm left with orange hair? I think I'll be ok with that. I'm actually starting to like it a little bit and think I could live with it.

    As my hair grows my natural colour should look slightly better blended and I may even use a few more of the treatments, but for now they aren't coming anywhere near my hair, the condition feels a bit shit to be honest, no where near as bad as what it would had I just tried to do this with dyes but I definitely think it's time to put some nourishment back in to it.

    And as for the smell.. Heed this warning, it does go away and it can quite easily be covered with perfume or a scented hair spray but when your hair gets wet it comes back and it's just horrible. Apparently this doesn't last for too long though.

    I really hope you guys enjoyed coming on this little journey with me, I know I had fun and freak outs along the way. I know it's a horrible thing to say but I really do enjoy reading blog posts where the writer has the potential for everything to go pear shaped while experimenting, it's damn exciting!


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