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Everyday Straight Hair

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    Everyday Straight Hair

    Everyday Straight Hair is a permanent hair straightening kit with Keratin that conditions hair and can last up to 3 months. There’s no need for expensive salon treatments and daily hair straightening with Everyday Straight...

    Everyday Straight Hair is a permanent hair straightening kit for people with normal, coarse, dry or colour treated hair that conditions hair and can last up to 3 months. There’s no need for expensive salon treatments and daily hair straightening with Everyday Straight, it adds Keratin, the hairs natural protein, to help maintain its style, saving you time and money. The soothing chamomile and nettle will replenish any lost moisture and the collagen will fill in any voids resulting from general wear and tear. Curly, frizzy, bushy or unruly hair will be tamed and straight hair will no longer be an unobtainable dream. 

  • What does it do?

    Everyday Straight Hair's key ingredient is keratin, the hair's natural protein. During the formula's smoothing and straightening process the hair's internal structure is permanently changed and keratin is introduced back into the hair. The result is straight, smooth, controlled hair with renewed vitality and condition due to those returned keratin proteins.


    •Keep your clothing and other items covered. Jobaz Everyday Straight can permanently stain both clothes and upholstery.
    •Keep out of reach of children.
    •Do not mix Jobaz Everyday Straight with other any other products.
    •Do not apply Jobaz Everyday Straight if skin is broken, inflamed, or irritated.
    •Do not use Jobaz Everyday Straight over henna or gradual colour restorers which contain metallic salts.
    •Always do the patch test prior to application.
    •Do not use Jobaz Everyday Straight use on your eyelashes or eyebrows. If product comes in contact with eye, rinse with water and find a doctor.
    •Mix according to instructions. Dispose of left over mixed parts.
    •Do not exceed recommended development time.
    •This product will not be effective on Afro Caribbean hair.
    •Use of this product immediately after a hair colourant can cause fading.
    •Always apply Everyday Straight to the hair before applying colouring treatments to precent fading occuring.
    •Do not colour or bleach your hair for 14 days after using this product. Once bleached this product will no longer be suitable for use on your hair.




    Questions and Answers

    Q. Can I curl my hair if I have undertaken an Everyday Straight Hair treatment?
    A. Yes you can curl it without problems whenever you want, however (initially) it's best to wait seven days before you try to curl with irons or rollers.

    Q. Why am I not allowed to wash, get my hair wet or tie it back for three days after the treatment?
    A. Because the hair will not be 100% permanent at the time of completion. It can take up to 72 hours for the bonds in the hair to fully re-connect and water can break them again.

    Q. If I get my hair wet is the process ruined?
    A. No, just try and dry it as soon as possible and iron again. This usually prevents any problems.

    Q. I have woken up the day after my treatment with my hair all over the place - I can't wash it or wet it down - what can I do?
    A. Just try running the irons through it again and this should put things back on track.

    Q. How soon can I colour my hair after undergoing an Everyday Straight Hair treatment?
    A. Wait two weeks before applying colour to the hair.

    Q. Can Everyday Straight Hair be used on permed hair?
    A. Yes it can, but check the condition. If the hair is colour treated or dry you should always use the Extra Conditioning variant.

    Q. Can Everyday Straight Hair be used on Afro Caribbean Hair?
    A. Everyday Straight Hair is not designed for use on Afro hair types.

    Q. I have used Everyday Straight Hair and it's managed to get my very curly hair much straighter, but it still has waves and ripples in it. Why is this and what can I do to get it poker straight permanently?
    A. On very curly hair it's crucial you use a degree of tension (at the Step 1 Straightening Cream phase) to smooth the hair into a straight pattern. If the hair is allowed to curl whilst the straightening cream is on and working the bonds will not break in a 'straight' pattern, but instead a 'wavy' one. This tends to result in removal of curl and bulk but obvious ripples throughout the hair. You can get the hair straight, however I'd suggest you wait 2 weeks and if the hair is in good enough condition, apply Everyday Straight Hair Max Conditioning and repeat the process. This next time (because the majority of your original curl has been removed) you should find you get a 100% straight result

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