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    Hair Colour Remover

    Hair Colour Remover shrinks the artificial dye molecules in the hair, enabling you to simply wash them away. What’s more Hair Colour Remover does not touch your natural hair pigment so you are left with the colour which lay beneath your artificial shade.

    Hair Colour Remover removes light to medium tones, darker shades and colour build up and takes you back to your lightest shade. It will return your hair to its natural colour if the artificial hair colour applied is darker than your natural level. With a single application of the advanced formula, you can rinse away unwanted dye, and go back to your old colour before dyeing again for a brand new look. It’s that easy! Although the formula is safe and gentle - with no nasty chemicals like ammonia or bleach – it easily tackles permanent and semi-permanent hair colour. It also effortlessly removes colour build-up and darkened tones. 

    After using JoBaz Hair Colour Remover, hair is in perfect condition for re-colouring. You can use it to completely remove unwanted dye before any colour treatment or salon visit. And because the gentle formula won’t react with chemicals in other hair products, you don’t have to worry about unexpected shades or weird colour combinations. 

    Available in normal strength, which removes light to medium tones and max strength, which removes darker shades and colour build up.

  • What does it do?

    Jobaz Hair Colour Remover is a hair colour reversal product. What does that mean? It means that Jobaz Hair Colour Remover will remove that permanent colour that you no longer want, leaving your hair free of colour and back at its lightest shade. It works by shrinking the artificial dye molecules in your hair, leaving you to wash them away. Jobaz Hair Colour Remover does not affect your natural hair pigment. It’s the safest, most effective way to rewind hair colour.

    • Keep your clothing and other items covered. Jobaz Hair Colour Remover can permanently stain both clothes and upholstery.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Do not mix Jobaz Hair Colour Remover with other any other products.
    • Do not apply Jobaz Hair Colour Remover if skin is broken, inflamed, or irritated.
    • Do not use Jobaz Hair Colour Remover over henna or gradual colour restorers which contain metallic salts.
    • Always do the patch test prior to application.
    • Do not use Jobaz Hair Colour Remover use on your eyelashes or eyebrows. If product comes in contact with eye, rinse with water and find a doctor.
    • Mix according to instructions. Dispose of left over mixed parts.
    • Do not exceed recommended development time.

    How soon can I re-colour after using Jobaz Hair Colour Remover?
    Immediately, because of the Buffer step (Part C) your hair will be at a suitable PH Level and safe for re-colouring. Do not apply a conditioner to your hair after using Jobaz Hair Colour Remover or prior to colouring, as this can cause a barrier on your hair that will stop the colour from working effectively. However, if your hair does feel a little dry prior to colouring then apply the colourant onto slightly damp hair.

    The ends of my hair have now gone very blonde – has Jobaz Hair Colour Remover bleached my hair?I haven’t had highlights in over a year!
    No, Jobaz Hair Colour Remover hasn’t bleached your hair. Even though you haven’t had highlights in over a year the evidence of them is still present. Jobaz Hair Colour Remover has simply revealed this old hair. To tone down the blonde ends, apply a semi-permanent hair colour 2 shades lighter than your natural (or re-growth) colour and apply to the blonde areas only. The result will be a soft version of your natural colour.

    My blonde hair colour is not too bad, but I don’t like the tone – can I use Jobaz Hair Colour Remover?Yes. Use Jobaz Hair Colour Remover Regular but only apply 1/3 of the bottle to damp hair. Comb the product through and develop for 10 minutes (rather than the standard 20) and rinse and buffer the hair just as instructed (for regular colour removal). This method of Jobaz Hair Colour Remover removal is very weak but ideal for removing unwanted tone in blonde hair.

    My hair was really dry before I made my colour mistake, will using Jobaz Hair Colour Remover make it worse and can I re-colour immediately afterwards?
    Jobaz Hair Colour Remover won’t necessarily make your hair colour any worse, but it won’t make it any better either. You can use Jobaz Hair Colour Remover but do not apply a permanent colour immediately afterwards. You need to rest your hair first. Instead, use a level 1 (6 wash) temporary colourant (which contains no peroxide or ammonia) and use this in your hair for 4 weeks. Give your hair frequent conditioning treatments too. If you do apply a permanent hair colour to dry, porous hair the result may well be darker and more intense than you desired and it could require another colour removal application, so always rest your hair and get that condition back.

    Can I have a perm or straightening on the same day I have used Jobaz Hair Colour Remover?In theory you can (if you haven’t re-coloured afterwards). The After Treatment Buffer will leave your hair at a suitable PH to be permed or straightened without a problem. However, both perms and straightening treatments are very stressful to hair. It is advisable to wait 2 weeks before you undertake them after using Jobaz Hair Colour Remover.

    I used Jobaz Hair Colour Remover to remove a black hair colourant and bring back my original blonde shade but although my hair is no longer black it’s still very dark. What can I do?
    Very dark colours may require more than one Jobaz Hair Colour Remover application because there is a great deal of artificial pigment that needs to be removed. The cuticle of bleached blonde or porous hair can also stain if a black colourant is laid onto it. In severe cases this staining can prove impossible to remove. Use Jobaz Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength in cases where hair colour is very dark, multiple hair colourants have been used or there is build up. Unfortunately you can only judge how much staining has occurred and how much pigment can actually be removed by conducting a maximum of 3 Jobaz Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength applications. After this, if dark staining is still present it may be necessary to grow the colour out. Bleaching can remove some stains – but seek professional expertise if you choose this option.

    I followed the instructions exactly, but the brown hair colour I was trying to remove is still on the ends of my hair.
    This is probably due to colour build up. When a permanent hair colour has been overlaid on the hair with multiple applications it can take longer to remove. You may want to try Jobaz Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength on the ends only (processing for the full 20 minutes). Alternatively, if the dark colour is only on the very ends it is far easier to just have the colour cut out.

    I have now used Jobaz Hair Colour Remover twice and my brown hair is still the ginger colour I tried to correct in the first place – why isn’t it working?
    Because that ginger colour is actually your hair colour. When brown hair is subjected to the peroxide in lightening colourants it too will lighten and reveal a great deal of warmth. Because your hair was lightened, that warm colour is actually your natural hair colour pigment. To remedy, apply a hair colourant that is the same shade as your natural colour. Because this will be darker (as your hair was previously lightened) it will cover the exposed warm pigment. Alternatively, try a semi-permanent shade the same depth as your exposed colour but with an ash tone. This may neutralise the unwanted warmth you can currently see.

    I have re-coloured my hair after using Jobaz Hair Colour Remover and it has again gone to a really dark unwanted hair colour. Why has this happened? Can I correct it?
    Yes, you can use Jobaz Hair Colour Remover again, but opt for Jobaz Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength. Ensure you rinse for 20 minutes (rather than the suggested 12) and DO NOT use a permanent hair colour to re-colour your hair after Jobaz Hair Colour Remover. Rather use a level 1 (6 wash) temporary colourant. The buffer and rinse steps are very important when using Jobaz Hair Colour Remover. If these steps are not done correctly (and for the required amount of time) the original artificial colour molecules will still be left in your hair, giving you a darker result when re-colouring. Another possibility is that your hair is either porous (which causes the hair colour to appear dark and flat) or you are selecting colours which may seem nice on the box, but in reality are too dark for your preference.

    Why have semi-permanent and temporary colours been suggested so much for re-colouring after using Jobaz Hair Colour Remover?
    When changing a hair colour you need to be 100% certain you are happy with the shade you have selected. Many permanent colours give hard, drastic results. Continually re-colouring your hair will weaken it and eventually cause damage. Semi-permanent colours give a reasonably long lasting result but contain less of the strong chemicals found in their permanent counterparts.

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